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Emergency Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Houston

Houston emergency wisdom tooth removal often feels like a scary but necessary procedure. You may need to undergo emergency wisdom teeth removal for several reasons — because your teeth aren’t growing properly because the teeth are trapped within the jawbone, or for various other reasons. In the meantime, the pain from wisdom teeth issues can be excruciating, you experience constant toothaches and plaque accumulation, and you have a higher risk of contracting diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis. Emergency wisdom Teeth Removal Near Me is necessary for all of these reasons. Dental specialists can perform emergency wisdom tooth removal procedures in the dental office. However, your dentist could advise seeing an oral surgeon if your tooth is severely impacted or if the extraction calls for a complex surgical procedure. Most people don’t suffer from pain after the emergency wisdom teeth removal near me in Houston, but some may experience slight soreness or pain. Once your teeth are removed, it’s necessary to follow the doctor’s emergency wisdom tooth extraction post-procedural Aftercare Tips. Read on for a detailed overview of the wisdom teeth extraction near me procedure.

Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal



Symptoms of Wisdom Teeth Infections

Are you suffering from wisdom teeth infections and problems? You can identify them based on the following signs and symptoms:

  • Extreme persistent toothaches.
  • Formation of plaque and tartar due to the accumulation of food particles in your teeth — despite following thorough oral hygiene by brushing and flossing.
  • Bacterial decay and gum infections result from accumulated plaque and tartar.
  • Tooth decay and rotting result from bacterial infection — especially around the wisdom teeth.
  • Overcrowding and a range of other issues affect the surrounding teeth as well.
  • Cyst formation around the wisdom teeth — can be dangerous.
  • Misalignment issues can create several complications during orthodontic treatments.

As evident from the aforementioned signs and symptoms, wisdom teeth issues can be extremely dangerous if left untreated. The signs and symptoms may initially seem benign, but they have a snowballing effect — getting increasingly worse over time. If you don’t seek a dentist for wisdom teeth removal near me in Houston immediately, you risk harming your other healthy teeth as well. At URBN Dental Uptown and Midtown, our expert dentists near Galleria only resort to emergency wisdom tooth removal near me in Houston as a last-resort option if there are no other options. This emergency wisdom tooth extraction treatment may save your teeth from decay and damage.


The necessity of Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth are the final set of teeth that people develop between the ages of 17 and 25. Some people even go through their whole lives without wisdom teeth; some develop them normally. However, in many cases, the formation of wisdom teeth is accompanied by numerous complications and issues.

 The following are some of the primary reasons emergency wisdom tooth extraction is necessary:

  • You may not have enough room in your mouth for the newly erupting wisdom teeth. This can lead to misalignment and overcrowding issues, which can cause immense pain and also damage the surrounding teeth. In this case, removing the wisdom teeth is important to save the other teeth.
  • Your wisdom teeth may grow in a strange angle that harms your other teeth — it may grow facing the second molar, turn inwards towards the back of the mouth, or grow at a right angle inside the jawbone. All of these situations are dangerous and need to be rectified.
  • Even if your wisdom teeth grow properly, they may remain stuck inside the jawbone.

In all of the aforementioned situations, seeking a dentist for wisdom teeth removal near me in Houston will be necessary.


How Soon Should I Seek Help in Case of a Dental Emergency?

Unless you are a dental professional, you cannot tell whether a certain delay can result in unacceptable damage. Therefore, act without delay. Even a small delay can result in serious, irreversible loss. Broken teeth cannot be grown again. Search for a dentist who does wisdom teeth extraction near me and quickly see your dentist for a physical examination. If this is not possible within a short time frame, contact one on the telephone to seek advice. After listening to your description, your emergency wisdom teeth removal​ dentist may advise you to act immediately or give you an appointment.

Emergency Wisdom Tooth Removal Details

Whether a wisdom tooth is impacted, erupted, or partially erupted, they can all lead to severe infections, pain, and other issues. To check the quality of the wisdom teeth, the emergency wisdom teeth removal dentist will run an x-ray scan to check for misalignment issues, bone and gum infections around the teeth, or other complications. Once the Houston Uptown dentist has carefully examined the wisdom teeth, they will determine if it’s necessary to extract them — and, if so, how to proceed.

Depending on your comfort level and how complicated the removal of your wisdom teeth is predicted to be, your dentist or oral surgeon may choose one of three types of anaesthetics. Options consist of:

Local Anesthesia

Each extraction location receives single or multiple local anaesthetic injections from your dentist or oral surgeon. Your dental specialist or surgeon will probably numb your gums with a chemical before administering an injection.

Sedation Anesthesia

Through an intravenous (IV) line in your arm, your oral surgeon or dentist administers sedative anesthesia to you. During the procedure, sedation anesthesia suppresses your consciousness.

General Sedation

You might be given general anesthesia in certain circumstances. You might either have an IV line in your arm, or they’ll make you inhale the medication. You subsequently go unconscious.

It is incredibly hard to clean wisdom teeth because of their location in the mouth — another reason wisdom teeth are often more likely to experience decay, infections, and abscesses. That’s why you must go for routine dental cleaning appointments so your dentist can take care of your wisdom teeth and prevent them from getting diseased.

Emergency Wisdom Tooth Extraction post-procedural Aftercare Tips

Following are some points for your emergency wisdom tooth removal in Houston post-procedural aftercare tips:

  • The doctor will place a gauze pad over your pad and apply pressure to minimize bleeding. Keep the gauze pad and the pressure for at least half an hour so the wound can clot and heal correctly.
  • After the emergency wisdom tooth removal procedure, you may experience considerable pain and discomfort. You can manage the pain with prescribed medication and an ice pack. Only eat soft food for a while. Nothing hard that you need to chew on.
  • Maintain a high-calorie diet for a few days after the treatment, don’t miss any meals, and drink a lot of liquids because hydration will be important.
  • Avoid intense exercises and heavy lifting for at least a day or two.
  • If you experience swelling, place an ice pack on the swollen area.
  • If you experience any bleeding — which is expected, in small amounts — rinse your mouth with warm saline water.
  • If the bleeding is extensive, bite down on a warm tea bag for about 20 minutes. The tannic acid in the tea bag will alleviate the pain and shrink the blood vessels. If bleeding persists, consult your dentist.
  • Don’t engage in activities like driving or operating heavy machinery, as you may feel drowsy and weak for a few days after the emergency wisdom tooth extraction procedure.
  • After the emergency wisdom teeth removal procedure, it will take a few days to recover and resume your heavy activities.



Consult a Dentist for Wisdom Teeth Extraction Near Me in Houston

At URBN Dental Midtown and Uptown, our expert world-renowned Houston Uptown dentists near Galleria will carefully observe and examine your condition to curate a treatment plan. We try our best to use minimally-invasive procedures. However, if wisdom teeth removal is necessary, we do so while ensuring a painless and comfortable procedure. Our Houston Uptown dentists also offer a wide range of tips on post-procedural care and are available whenever you need them. For further information on emergency wisdom tooth removal, please schedule an appointment at our Midtown and Uptown URBN Dental clinics in Houston, TX.