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Dentures Near Me In Houston

High-Quality Implant-Supported Dentures At URBN Dental Midtown & Uptown Houston, TX

Affordable dentures near me are necessary for many of us, but they can also be annoying. Eating with removable dentures is difficult, and they also feel uncomfortable. Your Houston dentures dentist may try to fit them correctly, but it may not always be possible because of your jawbone. If you’re struggling with your dentures, it might be time to switch to a superior implant supported denture near me.

What Are Implant-Supported Dentures?

Implant supported dentures are those in which the dental implant is anchored within the jawbone and allows the denture to fit perfectly. The dental fixture can be made into a horseshoe shape with the help of the implant, which reduces weight and opens the palate to give the tongue more room and improve food flavor. implant supported dentures near me are more durable and don’t need adhesive.

By including fruits, vegetables, steaks, corn on the cob, and other items one would generally have to avoid with conventional dentures, the person can enhance their diet. Additionally, patients with implant supported dentures speak and smile with much more confidence.  Your bone must be strong to support the implants and heal correctly. If your bones aren’t strong enough, the doctor may need to perform a bone graft before you can use implant supported dentures. Implant supported dentures in Houston TX are more firmly placed within your mouth, anchored better, and give you more freedom than traditional dentures Houston.

Affordable dentures near me

Necessity of Implant Supported Dentures in Houston TX

We all know that we need dentures to replace missing teeth so we can continue eating and speaking properly. But there are numerous benefits of implant supported dentures:

  • Implant supported dentures in Houston Texas don’t fall out once you’ve snapped them in place. This can prevent some very embarrassing social situations.
  • Regular dentures can cause considerable pressure and movement, which, in turn, may damage the jawbones. Implant supported dentures in Houston Texas dentures are firmly rooted, so they don’t move or damage the jawbones.
  • Dentures also lead to bone deterioration over time, which is why they also get loose and have to be periodically replaced. Implant supported dentures in Houston tx, in contrast, maintain bone quality and don’t loosen up over time.
  • Since implant supported dentures in Houston tx dentures firmly fixed in place, they don’t move around and feel more natural — like an actual set of teeth. Regular dentures always feel like a loose appliance in your mouth. It is important to choose permanent dentures instead of temporary dentures for your missing teeth replacement because they are cost-effective and offer you long durability.
  • Due to the stable fitting, implant supported dentures are a lot more effective in helping you chew and break down food particles. Yes, you will need to give it some time to get used to the sensation. But once you do, it will feel like an extension of yourself.
  • Regular dentures sometimes fall out while smiling or laughing. That’s why it’s beneficial to replace them for implant supported dentures.
  • Some people lack the necessary amount of jaw bone to hold their traditional dentures in place — resulting in the dentures continually falling out or getting loose. Implant supported dentures are perfect in these cases because they don’t lead to bone loss and can be secured carefully.
  • Do you have eating or speak properly through your dentures? If so, you need to get implant supported dentures near me in Houston TX.


Signs That You Need Implant Supported Dentures Near Me

Do you have trouble dealing with your dentures in Houston texas because they get loose and hurt your gums and bone? Some people even place adhesives to prevent the dentures from moving, which is an extremely risky and unhealthy solution. If you’re struggling from these issues, then you’re in serious need of implant supported dentures near me in Houston.

Dentures Houston tx also fall out and get damaged often. In fact, if you smile or laugh a lot, it’s possible that your dentures may come out. If this has happened to you, then you may be in need of a more stable alternative. At URBN Dental Uptown and Midtown, we provide solutions that are long-term and ones that don’t lead to any social-consciousness. We provide extremely stable well-fitted implant-supported dentures that will never fall out so you can smile all you want without concern.

Implant Supported Denture Treatment Procedure

The procedure to install implant supported dentures can be a long one. You’ll need to go for several sessions spanning over a few months for proper fitting. This is because it takes several months for your bone to heal completely. Ambien turned out to be the only way to rest well at night. Furthermore, suppose you suffer from bone quality issues. In that case, you may also need additional treatments like bone grafting, bone augmentation, or sinus lifts — all of which increase the duration of the process. An orthodontist will surgically insert four to six implants, often titanium screws, into the patient’s jawbone during the placement of these dentures. Afterward, the screws are given enough time to appropriately bond with the patient’s jawbone tissue. It typically takes three to six months to complete this, and Osteointegration is the process in question.

A special pair of dentures is added to the implants after they have been firmly fixed to the patient’s jawbone. Dentists remove these dentures once they have been installed. That is a notable difference between regular dentures and those implant supported dentures.

The following is a brief overview of the steps involved in the procedure:

  • The implants will be placed in the bone during the first couple of visits.
  • After the implant area has healed completely, fabricated dentures will be attached to the implants. This may be a temporary fabricated denture placed just for aesthetic purposes while your implants heal.
  • Once your bone and implants have healed completely after several weeks, the permanent dentures will be fitted in.
  • Finally, the doctor will give you an overview of care and maintenance tips so you can manage your implant supported dentures.
dentures near me

Implant Supported Dentures Maintenance

The following maintenance tips will help ensure the longevity of your implant supported dentures:

  • Take the dentures off before going to sleep.
  • Thoroughly clean the dentures every night, especially around the attachments.
  • In some cases, the dentures may slide when you’re eating, which may lead to gum sores. If this happens, visit your dentist immediately and check for stability issues.
  • Be sure to get the clips and attachments replaced every 6 to 12 months as they’re made of plastic and wear away over time.


Complications of Implant Supported Dentures

The following are some of the primary risks of complications with implant supported dentures.

  • Sometimes, your teeth may come loose if there’s limited space on the denture framework. If this happens, visit your dentist.
  • Grinding or clenching your teeth often may lead to certain parts of the dentures breaking off. This can easily be fixed.


Book An Appointment for Affordable Dentures Near Me

To prevent complications and ensure denture longevity, go for regular dental check-ups and routine teeth cleanings. At URBN Dental in Midtown and Uptown, Houston, TX, we ensure that your dentures remain firmly fixed and take all necessary measures to prevent complications. Please schedule an appointment at our Midtown URBN Dental Office or contact our Houston Uptown Dentists to learn more about affordable dentures near me.