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A tooth crown is a dental cap that lays on the surface of a damaged tooth. It serves as a material that restores the structure, function, and aesthetics of that damaged tooth.

A lot of people are talking about tooth crowns, and that’s mainly because they’re expensive. Because of this, many want to know when a tooth crown is needed as a dental treatment. Let’s discuss this matter below.


When Do You Need a Tooth Crown?

You visited your dentist for your regular checkup, and he suddenly said that you need a tooth crown for one of your teeth. Considering the expensive costs, you ask yourself, “Do I really need it?” Know when you need a tooth crown with the tips below.

A lot of people go for a tooth crown for cosmetic reasons. This is because tooth crowns can effectively cover a severely damaged tooth.


  • When You Need to Cover Stained Teeth

Stains are definitely not a good sight to look at. A lot of people who suffer from stained teeth go for professional whitening options. However, severe cases cannot be treated by mere whitening. When this happens, patients usually proceed to dental crowns.


  • When You Need to Tend Weakened Teeth

If one of your teeth is weak, you need to support it so that it doesn’t get weakened even more. A tooth crown can help hold the parts together.


  • When You Need to Restore a Single Tooth

If you have a missing tooth and you replace it with a dental implant, you will most likely need to cover the implant with a tooth crown to give it support.


  • When You Have Gone to A Root Canal Treatment

After your root canal treatment, your teeth will become weak and brittle because of the operation. A dental crown is necessary to strengthen the weakened teeth.


If your dentist says that you need a crown, you most probably do. If you doubt, just refer to the information above.