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We care about your dental health

Your mouth and teeth, though seeming minute and unimportant, can actually be a cause of great discomfort if not treated with attention. While decayed teeth can result in a foul mouth, it can also cause problems in speaking and eating. If you are missing a tooth, even if not noticeable, it is advisable that you get it corrected. Why? Because for one thing, chewing can become a chore and for another, the remaining teeth can shift position resulting in the loss of bones around the missing tooth. However, technological and medical advances these days simplifies things for us by making dental implant possible.


Same-Day Dental Clinic

Here at Same Day dental clinic, we offer you an exciting dental experience through the very meticulous way in which we perform dental implant. The treatment is uncomplicated not to talk of quick. A typical dental implant procedure involves around three to six months within which implants and final teeth restoration is done. With this, the implanted area heals well. Also, it ensures that the implant and jaw meld appropriately. Therefore, if for any reason you have lost a tooth, same-day Dental Clinics sure to give you back that dream smile.

Why choose the same day?

With same day, there’s an assurance that you won’t be without teeth. Also, you do not have to worry that your tooth will slip like unsecured dentures do after the implant. The implant will be so professionally done that you’ll be nothing short of confident in your smile after it. Meanwhile, your ability to chew and bite will not be hampered in any way.

Our dental implant procedures includes diagnosis, implant placement, provisional restoration, and then permanent restoration. All these processes will see to it that your tooth or teeth are replaced successfully. Stabilization is assured, and the treatment processes are simple. Try us to get the confident smile that you deserve.