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What to expect from your Houston dentist appointment in Midtown?

If you have an upcoming dentist’s appointment, you might be wondering what you can expect. The specific details of your Houston dentist appointment will depend on your unique treatment plan, conditions, and other factors. But we can provide a general overview of what you can expect from Houston dental care. We can’t speak for all dental clinics because each clinic follows its unique set of protocols. But we can definitely describe what you can expect from your Houston dentist appointment at URBN Dental, widely considered one of the best dental clinics in Midtown Houston.

Expect minimal waiting period during your appointment

When you visit URBN Dental Midtown, you can expect a minimal waiting period. We space out our appointments and give plenty of time to each appointment, so you won’t be kept waiting for long periods. We also provide warm towelettes and have numerous entertainment platforms in the waiting room to keep you occupied.

Expect a thorough consultation about your dental conditions

You can expect a thorough consultation with our dentist. The dentist will carefully examine your teeth, take dental x-rays, discuss your goals, and review your health history. If there are any concerning signs or symptoms, the dentist will discuss the issue with you. We believe in proactive rather than reactive care, which means we identify and treat the root cause of your dental conditions before they can seriously affect your dental health.

Expect a thorough dental cleaning session

You can expect a thorough dental cleaning session after your initial assessment. During the teeth cleaning session, the dental hygienist will use a special scaling tool to scrape away all the accumulated plaque and tartar from your teeth and gum line. Removing the plaque and tartar freshens up your mouth and minimizes the risk of cavities. You should ideally opt for a dental cleaning once every six months to keep dental cavities at bay.

Expect to be educated about optimal oral hygiene

We believe in educating patients about optimal oral hygiene. Prevention is better than cure, and most dental conditions can be prevented if you follow the best oral hygiene practices. You must brush twice a day, floss regularly, rinse your mouth with antibacterial mouthwash, and go for regular dental cleanings. Our dental hygienist will also inform you about the best brushing and flossing techniques to help you reach the hard-to-reach areas.

Expect a personalized treatment plan for your needs

You can expect a personalized treatment plan that addresses all of your specific needs and goals. Instead of merely treating the obvious symptoms of your dental problem, our dentist will determine the root cause of your condition and curate personalized treatment plans. We only provide the latest and safest dental treatments using cutting-edge technologies, ensuring long-lasting and safe results with minimal risk of recurrence.

Expect a discussion of your dental insurance options

URBN Dental accepts all major insurance plans and we actively help with insurance coverage. Our insurance team will verify the terms and conditions of your insurance policy to determine if you’re eligible for coverage. We also help you maximize coverage and reduce your out-of-pocket financial burden. Dental insurance generally covers all preventative treatments and other medically necessary dental treatments. Please consult us to learn more about your dental health insurance coverage.

Expect complete transparency during the billing process

URBN Dental has a strict no-surprise-billing policy, and we maintain transparency throughout the billing process. You will receive a complete breakdown of your dental treatment cost in advance, so you know exactly what you’ll have to pay. If your treatment isn’t covered by dental health insurance, we will also discuss other third-party payment options.

How to see a dentist in an emergency?

If you experience a dental emergency, you must contact an emergency dentist in Houston. The emergency dentist should be immediately available, so you don’t have to waste any time. That’s because dental emergencies don’t wait for convenient timings, and they generally need to be treated immediately. A dental emergency is a situation that must be treated and addressed within minutes or hours. If you delay dental emergencies considerably, you risk long-term complications.

A knocked-out tooth is an excellent example of a dental emergency. If your tooth is knocked out of the socket, you must visit an emergency dentist in Houston as soon as possible. If you visit the dentist within an hour and if the tooth has been properly preserved, the dentist can potentially re-attach the tooth. But if you delay seeing the emergency dentist in Houston, you might lose the tooth completely. That’s why you need to act quickly. Other examples of dental emergencies include dental trauma, severe bleeding, periodontitis, severe fractures, and dental abscesses.

When you have a dental emergency, you must contact your emergency dentist in Houston immediately. The emergency dentist will ask you to describe your dental emergency, based on which they’ll evaluate if you have an actual emergency. If you have a dental emergency, you will be asked to visit the dental clinic immediately. URBN Dental is led by highly-skilled emergency dentists who accept last-minute walk-in appointments during dental emergencies. 

What is the best dentist office in Houston?

URBN Dental is widely considered one of the best dental offices in Houston. We have some of the best dentists in Houston, including Dr. Golik, Dr. Chae, and Dr. Jiman Nelson. Our dentists specialize in cutting-edge dental treatments that address the root cause of your dental problems and help you lead a healthier life. Please schedule an appointment for your Houston dental care in Midtown Houston today.