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Complete Dental: Family Dentistry Services in Houston, TX

URBN Dental is a Midtown family dentistry clinic in Houston, TX. As a family dental clinic, we provide comprehensive dental services to families to ensure you can maintain your entire family’s dental health from a single clinic. Not all general dentists offer family dentistry services, and while all dentists have some essential experience with children, most dentists only treat children or adults. However, URBN Dental is a family dental clinic in which we can see all your family members, from the youngest to the oldest. This article discusses the benefits of seeking complete dental treatments for a family dentist near me in Houston, TX.

What are the benefits of family dentistry?

  • Tracking Family Health: Family dentistry clinics maintain records of your entire family’s dental health records. This allows you to keep track of your family’s overall dental health, monitoring the slightest shifts and changes. Several dental problems can also be genetically passed down. As such, family dentists are more likely to observe and monitor children for signs of their parents’ dental conditions, taking preemptive measures to protect their oral health.
  • Convenience: Family dentistry clinics have dentists specializing in all major dental procedures for children and adults. As such, you can take care of your entire family’s dental needs in a single trip to the dental clinic. Otherwise, different family members would have to go to other dentists on other days, which can be highly inconvenient and time-consuming.
  • Preventive Care: Prevention is always better than cure, especially regarding dental problems. All dental diseases and problems can be prevented with close monitoring of dental health and proactive measures to avoid problems. Family dental clinics monitor your entire family’s dental health with regular checkups to prevent problems from ever occurring.
  • Holistic Dentist in Houston: Family dental clinics usually have a holistic dentist in Houston, i.e., a dentist who is a general practitioner of all kinds of dental problems. Regardless of the dental situation, you can handle it under the same roof.
  • Children’s Oral Health: Children absorb their parents’ habits. If they see that you place great importance on oral health, they’ll also be more responsible for dental health. As such, they go to a family dental clinic regularly sets an excellent example for children.
  • Financial Benefit: Going to a family dental clinic may also have a small but significant economic benefit. Most family dentistry clinics have payment plans with which you can get discounts for all additional family members, making it a lot cheaper than going to different dental clinics. However, it would be best if you found a dental office in Houston that accepts all major insurance plans since insurance usually covers the cost of preventive dental care services. 

What are the most popular family dentistry services?

The following is an overview of the most popular and common family dentistry services provided by our dentists in Houston, TX:

  • Oral health maintenance through regular family dental cleanings every six months.
  • Regular dental checkups in which our dentists in Houston, TX, monitor your and your children’s oral health, keeping track of any changes or developments.
  • Our family dentistry clinic specializes in treatments for cavities, including fillings and root canal therapy. Cavities are a completely preventable dental condition, and we help you identify cavities at their early stage, ensuring the infection doesn’t spread further.
  • Family dental clinics also provide orthodontic treatments to straighten your children’s teeth and ensure they enter adulthood with a perfectly-aligned pair of teeth.
  • Our family dentistry clinic provides gum disease treatments, including deep cleaning, periodontal therapy, gum flap surgery, and many others. We ensure your gums remain healthy and help restore them if there are any signs of gum disease.

Where do I get emergency dental care services?

You can get emergency dental care services at URBN Dental’s Midtown dentistry clinic in Houston, TX. We provide a wide range of emergency dental care services to ensure your teeth remain healthy. Our emergency dental clinic is also open on Saturdays, and we provide a number you can contact if you have a dental emergency. Our emergency dentist will listen to your concerns and recommend how to manage your dental emergency before having someone drive you to our Saturday dentist in Houston, TX.

Do you see new patients with dental emergencies?

We see new patients with dental emergencies, as well. You can either consult with a dentist open on Saturday in Houston, by scheduling an appointment online or by calling our dental office at 346-815-9995. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about our family dentist near me.