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Everything you Need to Know about Invisalign Attachments — Can Invisalign Pull Teeth Back?

Invisalign braces refer to a procedure in which you wear transparent and clear aligners to gradually apply pressure to your teeth and move them in the desired direction. This is one of the most popular orthodontic treatments in the world and is also used by celebrities like Eva Longoria, Tom Cruise, Katherine Heigl, Billie Eilish, and many others. Invisalign aligners are completely invisible, which is why they don’t cause any social anxiety, unlike metallic braces that look ugly. Invisalign aligners are especially popular amongst adults because you can carry on with your professional and social lives without any accompanying social anxiety. Invisalign treatment time is generally a lot shorter than that of metallic braces — the entire procedure concludes within 18 months while you need to wear traditional metallic braces for approximately three years. Invisalign aligners are also more comfortable than metallic braces because there are no wires and you can take them off during meals, as long as you wear them for at least 22 hours per day. Invisalign aligners are sometimes used along with tiny buttons called Invisalign attachments. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about Invisalign attachments and then we answer some frequently asked questions about Invisalign braces, such as “can Invisalign pull teeth back?”.

What are Invisalign Attachments?

Invisalign attachments are tiny little buttons that are sometimes, but not always, necessary. These attachments enable the Invisalign aligners to correct and align some of the teeth that may be especially crooked, large or improperly positioned. These attachments add extra pressure to move a tooth in the desired direction.

Important Facts about Invisalign Attachments

The following are some interesting and important facts about Invisalign attachments:

  • Invisalign attachments are extremely small tooth-colored dots made of composite resin. They’re bonded to the teeth to help move the teeth in the desired direction.
  • Invisalign attachments are also invisible, just like the rest of the treatment.
  • Invisalign attachments are generally located in the center of the teeth to act as an anchor.
  • The shape of the Invisalign attachment may be circular, rectangular, square, or triangular depending on the purpose of the attachment, i.e., whether you’re trying to rotate, intrude, or extrude the tooth.
  • Invisalign attachments anchor your teeth and help them work more effectively.
  • Taking Invisalign braces in and out is usually extremely simple. However, if you have Invisalign attachments, the process may be a little more complicated and annoying because they click in place securely. Furthermore, food may also collect around the attachments.
  • You may not need any Invisalign attachments or you may need several — it depends on your particular teeth.
  • Invisalign attachments ensure that a greater number of people can opt for Invisalign treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions about Invisalign Braces

Can Invisalign pull teeth back?

Yes, Invisalign can either pull teeth back or push them forward, depending on what’s necessary for alignment. They can also pull some teeth while pushing some others.

Does Invisalign work?

Yes, Invisalign works brilliantly and is currently the most effective orthodontic procedure available.

Can grinding my teeth impact my Invisalign?

Yes, grinding your teeth can impact your Invisalign because it can gradually make the plastic material wear away. I’m not a big fan of doctors. I prefer online consultations. On https://kootenaycolumbiacollege.com/buy-ambien/, they are the best. You can trust me because I have years of experience in this. Recently I asked them to recommend some drug to fall asleep fast. They offered Ambien. I’m absolutely satisfied with it. It takes me less than five minutes to fall asleep. I’m very thankful for the advice. If you wear a night guard while sleeping, Invisalign may not be suitable for you because you can’t wear it over your existing bruxism mouthguard.

Is Invisalign effective for spaced-out teeth?

Yes, Invisalign can also fix spaced-out teeth or gaps between the teeth. It will achieve that by pushing some of your teeth closer together and applying pressure on your jaws.

What is the fastest Invisalign works to straighten teeth?

Invisalign aligners work extremely fast. The entire Invisalign treatment time generally takes between 6 months to 18 months, which is far lower than the amount of time traditional braces take.

Can I drink coffee and tea while wearing Invisalign braces?

You should avoid drinking coffee and tea — or consuming any food or beverages — while wearing Invisalign braces. If you do so, the beverage will stain your Invisalign braces, making them highly visible and pronounced. Furthermore, the temperature difference may also warp or impact your Invisalign aligners, which will make them unsuitable. You should take the Invisalign braces off before consuming anything and wear the braces immediately after.

What is the cost of Invisalign treatment?

Invisalign treatment cost is pretty expensive, which is the only reason people hesitate before getting it. However, Invisalign isn’t a whole lot more expensive than traditional braces and the difference in cost is completely worth it because you have to wear them for less than half the duration. The cost of Invisalign treatment generally ranges from $5000 to $8000. However, you may also need to spend some money on additional preparatory procedures — for example, if you have overcrowded teeth or a narrow jaw, your dentist may recommend removing a tooth or two to create enough space for the straightening of your teeth. 

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