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Houston Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

Do you have yellowed teeth or stained teeth? Are you unhappy about how your teeth look in the mirror? If so, you must have at least considered finding one of the best cosmetic dentists near me or Houston cosmetic dentistry to get your teeth whitened. Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic dentistry treatments and almost everyone considers it at least some time in their lives. A simple teeth whitening procedure can drastically improve how your teeth look. When it comes to teeth whitening, however, you can find several DIY solutions and at-home whitening trays on the market as well. You should avoid those and find the best cosmetic dentist near me in Houston because that’s far more reliable. In this article, we discuss teeth whitening at one of the top cosmetic dentists in Houston. 

Why do your Teeth Get Yellowed?

Your teeth may be intrinsically yellowed or they may just have surface stains on the enamel. If your teeth are intrinsically discolored, you can’t really whiten your teeth with a teeth whitening solution. That’s because the discoloration may occur for various reasons besides staining. Perhaps you have an extremely thin enamel due to aging which reveals the underlying dentin layer more. Perhaps you were exposed to fluoride as a child or your mother consumed tetracycline antibiotics during pregnancy, both of which can cause you to have intrinsically yellowed teeth. In that case, you can’t whiten your teeth with a simple teeth whitening cosmetic dentist solution and will probably need to get dental veneers instead.

But most people have yellowed teeth because their enamel gets stained over years of use. This is because your enamel has pores that can pick up and retain stains. If this is the case, teeth whitening can bleach the enamel to get rid of all the surface stains, which instantly brightens your smile. The following are some of the factors that cause your enamel to get stained:

  • Smoking or tobacco consumption in any form.
  • Consumption of drinks with tannic acids, such as red wine.
  • Consumption of lots of tea and coffee.
  • Poor oral hygiene habits when you don’t brush your teeth thoroughly enough.  

Cosmetic Dentist – Teeth Whitening Solutions

When you go to one of the top cosmetic dentists for teeth whitening solutions, they will first take pictures of your teeth so they can monitor the progress of the treatment. They’ll also provide a deep cleaning to remove all the accumulated plaque and tartar and get rid of the bacteria. After that, they’ll determine what type of whitening is one of the best for you.  Depending on the type of stains you have and on the region of the stains, one of the top cosmetic dentists will recommend one of two types of whitening solutions — vital whitening and non-vital whitening.

Vital Whitening

If your stained teeth have live nerves, then you’ll need to go for a vital whitening procedure. This is a procedure in which the dentist will apply a hydrogen peroxide gel to your teeth and then use a special type of light or laser to catalyze the gel. This activates the bleaching process and the whole session lasts for around 30 to 90 minutes. After that, you have brighter teeth.

Non-Vital Whitening

If your stained teeth have, in the past, gone through a root canal treatment, then it doesn’t have live nerves. In that case, the dentist will need to go for a non-vital whitening because it’s likely that the discoloration is coming from inside the tooth and not the surface. In this case, the dentist will apply whitening gel inside the affected tooth and then use a temporary filling to seal it. This gel will remain in your tooth for a few days until your teeth are completely whitened.

Can I Whiten my Teeth at Home? 

Yes, you can whiten your teeth at home as well. You should avoid getting over-the-counter DIY whitening kits because they are either useless or actively harmful. However, you can also seek Houston cosmetic dentistry to provide you with the tools you need. One of the top cosmetic dentists can create a specially-designed whitening tray for your teeth and provide you with the whitening gel you need. You have to apply that gel on the tray and wear it in your mouth for a few hours every day. This procedure should yield results in a few weeks.

How Can Cosmetic Dentistry Improve your Smile?

Cosmetic dentistry can improve your smile by transforming the way your teeth look. Teeth whitening procedures can instantly brighten your teeth and remove the discoloration so you have a whiter and brighter smile. There are a number of other treatments and procedures as well that can improve your smile by masking or fixing deformities like chipped tooth, fractured tooth, misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, etc.

Which Is The Best Dentist Office In Houston?

URBN Dental is currently one of the best dentist offices in Houston for a variety of reasons. We are actively committed to providing some of the best and safest dental treatments to all of our patients, which is why we only use BPA-free dental fillings and products. We also have some of the country’s finest board-certified dentists who can study your condition, discuss your needs, and curate one of the best possible treatments for you.

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At URBN Dental, we have one of the top dentists in Houston who can curate a cosmetic dentistry treatment just for you. We can study the root cause of your tooth’s discoloration and find a treatment that can whiten your smile immediately. For more information, please schedule an appointment with one of the best cosmetic dentistry near me.