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Information on handling dental emergencies, according to a reputable emergency dentist.

It’s hard to think clearly when you’re in the middle of a dental emergency, such as a lost tooth, cracked tooth, bleeding gums, etc. If you’re in severe pain, you may not realize what to do in a dental emergency. Most people panic and worsen the situation by doing things they shouldn’t while handling dental emergencies. I use Ativan when I can’t fall asleep. This usually happens when I’m overwhelmed with stress at work. I take the lowest 0.5 mg dose at bedtime. It takes me a couple of minutes to fall asleep. Fortunately, I’ve never had any problems with the side effects of the drug . Probably because I use it very rarely. If you think of taking it regularly, you’d better consult a GP. Others contact  a weekend dentist or an emergency dentist open near me even though they’re not actually suffering from a dental emergency. It’s hard to distinguish between a legitimate dental emergency, i.e., something that can’t wait for treatment, and something that can wait a few days or even weeks. If you experience a dental emergency in Houston, please contact URBN Dental for immediate dental treatments. Below, our reputable emergency dentist provides all the information you need to handle a dental emergency cautiously, without panicking.  

I have a dental emergency. What should I do?

If you have a dental emergency, you must consider the type of dental emergency you have. Is it a dental emergency? Do you need to contact an emergency dentist open today? How much pain are you in? Different dental emergencies need to be handled in different ways. If you’re unsure how to handle your dental emergency, you should do the following:

  • Contact your emergency dentist open today.
  • Calmly explain the dental emergency situation as best as you can.
  • The emergency dentist will determine if you’re truly suffering from a dental emergency.
  • If you have an actual dental emergency, the dentist will explain how to handle the situation, and then ask you to have someone drive you to their emergency dental clinic.
  • If you don’t have an actual dental emergency, the dentist may tell you how to handle the situation for the moment and ask you to schedule an appointment with their dental clinic.

You must follow all of the dentist’s recommendations and do exactly as they ask. You should have a dental emergency kit that assists in first aid treatments. The dental emergency kit should include the following items — emergency dentist’s phone number, cotton swabs, over-the-counter dental cement, small airtight container, and antiseptic gauze.

When do I need emergency dental care?

In the previous section, we provided a broad overview of what to do in a dental emergency without getting into any specifics. That’s because different dental emergencies need to be handled in different ways, which means you need to identify what is or isn’t a dental emergency. The following are some common situations that necessitate emergency dental care.

  • Broken Tooth: If you chip or break your tooth, either through a dental injury or disease, you need emergency dental care. You should look for all the tooth fragments, collect them, place them in an airtight container with some saltwater or milk, and take them to the emergency dentist open today. The dentist will examine the issue and determine if you need emergency dental services.
  • Loss of Tooth: This is one of the most serious dental emergencies. If you have a knocked-out tooth, i.e., a permanent tooth that’s fallen out, you should contact the emergency dentist open today immediately. Permanent teeth are supposed to last a lifetime. However, if you have a knocked-out tooth because of an accident or injury, you can still save the tooth if you act fast. Find the tooth, hold it by the crown and gently rinse it clean, and then place it in an airtight container with some saltwater or milk. The chances of re-attaching the knocked-out tooth decrease after an hour, so you must go to the emergency dental clinic fast.
  • Dental Pain: Gentle and mild toothaches are normal, and they may go away after a day. You can try flossing your teeth to remove any objects or food particles stuck between your teeth. However, if you have severe and persistent toothaches, you may have severe gum disease, dental abscess, or other problems, necessitating emergency dental care.
  • Dental Injuries: You should also contain an emergency dentist open today if you have dental or mouth injuries in your soft tissues, such as your lips, gums, cheeks, tongue, etc. You should rinse the area to stop the bleeding, and then go to a dentist.

You must understand that dental emergencies are situations that need immediate attention, either because of a risk of worsening dental problems or intense pain. Sometimes, however, a situation may seem like a dental emergency, even if it isn’t. The following situations DO NOT require emergency dental care:

  • Minor soft tissue injuries, such as a bitten lip.
  • Minor or hairline fractures or cracks on the enamel.
  • Lost crown or filling.
  • Broken braces.

What are the common emergency dental services?

Emergency dental situations come in various forms, so it’s hard to describe all emergency dental services. However, the following are some of the most common emergency dental services.

  • Fillings: If you have a large cavity that’s causing dental emergencies, you may get a filling that seals the crack.
  • Root Canal: This is a procedure in which the dentist removes the infected pulp tissues from your root canal, disinfects the tooth, and then seals it back up. This may be necessary if you have a dental abscess or other signs of bacterial infection.
  • Tooth Extraction: You may need an emergency tooth extraction if you have a severe dental abscess or an infection that’s reached into your tooth roots.

How can we find the best dental care in emergencies?

During dental emergencies, you must contact a weekend dentist or emergency dentist open today — someone who accepts all major insurance plans. You should ideally contact an in-network dentist because they provide cheaper and more reliable dental treatments.

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