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How can I find the right walk-in dentist near me?

Dental emergencies can strike at any moment without prior notice or warning. In some cases, dental emergencies occur when you don’t notice or ignore the warning signs of dental problems, such as cavities, toothaches, and gum bleeding. However, dental emergencies can also occur suddenly, such as a knocked-out tooth due to a sports injury or accident. Dental emergencies usually necessitate immediate action — you must find an emergency dentist or oral surgeon near your location quickly to avoid further complications. Below, we share tips to find the right walk-in dentist near your location.

Google “emergency dentist office near me”

You can start your search by googling “emergency dentist office near me.” You’ll get a list of all the emergency dentists near your location, arranged according to their proximity to your location. You should ideally find emergency dentists within a few minutes from your home, so you can approach them quickly during emergencies. If you’re in Midtown or Downtown Houston, you may want to consider URBN Dental, which is located at 3510 Main St Ste E, Houston.

Read the emergency dental clinic’s reviews and testimonials

Google allows patients to leave unbiased reviews about their experience at their dental clinics. You can read these reviews to gauge your peers’ reactions. One of the recent patients at URBN Dental Midtown wrote, “Amazing dental office and personnel. It’s my new dental home, and I’m so excited to be a part of their family. State-of-the-art equipment, and Dr. Golik is a very personable and knowledgeable clinician. Can’t thank him and his team enough for the kindness they have displayed with each visit.”.

Learn more about their dentists

You should find an emergency dentist near your location with reliable dentists specializing in the latest dental treatments. The emergency dentist should have graduated from a good medical school, and they should have specialized training in advanced dental procedures. The dentist should also be friendly and caring — they should inform you of all your options and recommend the ideal treatments for you. URBN Dental is led by Dr. Benjamin Golik, one of the most reliable dentists in Houston, TX.

Find a weekend dentist near your location

Dental emergencies don’t wait for convenient timings, and they certainly don’t wait for weekdays. You can also get dental emergencies on weekends. As such, you should look for a weekend dentist open on Saturdays. Furthermore, if the dental clinic isn’t open on weekends, they should at least give you the dentist’s personal numbers to contact them if an emergency occurs on the weekend. This will display their commitment to emergency dental care.

The emergency dentist should accept all major dental insurances

Dental emergencies are often covered by insurance. As such, you should look for emergency dentists that accept all major dental insurances. You should ideally look for an in-network dentist, so you can avail of discounted treatments instead of applying for coverage later. The emergency dental clinic should also offer numerous third-party financing plans, and they must provide a complete overview of your treatments in advance.

I have a dental emergency. What should I do?

Dental emergencies come in various forms, and all of them necessitate different types of actions. If you believe you have a dental emergency, you must call your emergency dentist immediately. Your emergency dentist will listen to your concerns and symptoms to determine if you truly have an emergency (can’t wait) or an urgent situation that can still wait for regular office hours. It’s important to distinguish between true dental emergencies and urgent dental situations necessitating treatment. After listening to your concerns, your emergency dentist will inform you of your options.

Broken Tooth

If you have a broken or fractured tooth, collect all the pieces and place them in an airtight container with salt water, milk, or saliva. You should remove all the fragments from your mouth, clean the injured area, and place a cold washcloth to reduce swelling. The tooth fracture can be mild or severe — your dental emergency will determine the severity and the next steps.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If your tooth gets knocked out of your mouth, you must act immediately. A knocked-out tooth can be potentially restored if you act soon — the chance of reattachment gradually decreases as time passes. You should ideally contact your oral surgeon within an hour. Hold the tooth by the crown, rinse it clean without scrubbing the roots, and place it in an airtight container with salt water, milk, or saliva. This will protect the tooth until you visit the emergency dentist.

Painful Toothaches

If you have a severe or painful toothache, you may have a dental abscess, severe dental cavity, or other problems. Please rinse your mouth with warm salt water and place a cold compress on your cheeks to reduce swelling. You should contact the dentist as soon as possible so they can gauge the true reason for your toothaches. If you have a dental abscess, you will need instant treatment.

Where can I find reliable dentists for my dental treatment?

URBN Dental Midtown has some of the most reliable dentists for your dental treatment in Midtown Houston, TX. The dental clinic is located at 3510 Main St Ste E, Houston, accessible to patients across Downtown and Midtown Houston. You can schedule an appointment online or call +1 281-783-3227.